What you should know about our CBD Products

1. Educate yourself about who you buy from

Product safety is very important to us at Dallas Hemp Company and we strive to inform our customers by providing the best information possible when it comes to our product offerings of cannabinoid (CBD) products. We recognize that many customers taking CBD oil for the first time have a need to educate themselves and seek information regarding these products. We at Dallas Hemp Company encourage our customers to ask questions, to seek third-party lab test results (COA’s) and go a little further to ensure that the CBD company you’re buying from is a legitimate business entity, complies with the law and hasn’t received a warning letter from the FDA for cannabinoid related offenses, There are some that warrant receiving a letter from the FDA stating that they may have engaged in mislabeling products, selling products lacking the posted mg of CBD inside, or making claims that are not approved by the FDA.

There are Companies making claims about what CBD might treat, diagnose, or cure and though some of these claims could be validated by ongoing research, the fact remains that the FDA has not ruled on the validity of these claims. Furthermore, there are those that sell products claiming to have a certain amount of CBD and falling short of those claims. and yet others selling hemp seed oil as CBD and confusing consumers about what’s actually inside since Hemp Seed Oil does not contain Cannabinoids and is not the same as Hemp Oil extract or CBD.

So it’s up to the consumer to understand what is inside of the product they are buying. If the bottle says “hemp seed oil” as the only Hemp ingredient, then be careful since Hemp seeds and stalks do not actually contain cannabinoid,

2. Why we use Hemp Seed Oil in our products

We at Dallas Hemp Company do use “Hemp Seed Oil” in our products for its health values in formulation. “The Healing Seed” [3] as Hemp seed oil is known, has a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, a balance that has been shown to support heart health and promote proper cardiovascular function [1]. Hemp seed oil contains 85% essential fatty acids (EFAs) and Linoleic, this acid plays a critical role in brain health, and has been linked to better mental health [2]. Though Hemp Seed Oil is not the main Hemp ingredient in our products, we do take great care to ensure that these valuable ingredients are carefully formulated into our products to promote better health care.

Since CBD Oil is our main ingredient, we take care to post our Cannabinoid Hemp Extract (CBD) mg/ml values to show that CBD Oil and not Hemp Seed Oil is the essential ingredient. Our Oils and Tinctures are formulated to range from as little as 10.0 mg/ml of CBD oil to a high of 83.3mg/ml depending on the product and its purpose. These values are clearly posted on our product labels.

So some may caution to be vigil about the use of Hemp Seed Oil… just educate yourself and you will see that both Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oils are beneficial and can co-exist in a quality product.


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3. What is Linalool

Cannabis produces a wide array of terpenes and one of these is Linalool. Our Terp X3 and Terp X4 products contain Linalool as part of their therapeutic benefits. These enantiomers are a pair of natural occurring terpene alcohol compounds  found in many flowers and spice plants. Some of the key attractors of this compound is its pleasant scent (floral with a touch of spice). However it is now believed that cannabis therapeutic benefits are enhanced by the addition of multiple cannabinoids and terpenes compared to single cannabinoids on their own.

4. Limonene in our CBD Oils

Our Terp X2, Terp X3 and Terp X4 all contain this colorless liquid hydrocarbon with a lemon like scent found naturally in the rinds of citrus fruits like Lemon Oil, Orange Oil and similar essential oils. Research suggest that Limonene showed significant decreased sensitivity to pain and depression. Other clinical trials  showed reduced anxiety levels among test subjects. Limonene is considered safe for humans with little risk of side effects. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes limonene as a safe food additive and flavoring. 

5. Humulene in our CBD Oils

The cannabis plant produces humulene as part of its natural defenses. Many other terpenes and over one hundred cannabinoids are produced in the resin of mature flowers. They act together as antifungal, anti-desiccants, antibiotics, and anti-bacterial agents. Most recent studies concluded that humulene was as effective of an anti-inflammatory as the steroidal drug dexamethasone [Planta Med. 2003 May;69(5):402-7] 

6. Nutritional Facts

According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, women are likely to need between 1,600 and 2,400 calories a day, and men from 2,000 to 3,000. However, this depends on their age, size, height, lifestyle, overall health, and activity level. Be careful of eating too much fruit as they contain sugars in the form of fructose. Turn instead to low sugar fruits like lime, lemons, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries. Consider replacing your fish protein with Hemp seeds and their oils. There are only 340 kcal. per 60 grams of hulled Hemp seeds. When mixed with a good healthy breakfast will carry you through the day. Lastly, drink plenty of water since the process of burning calories requires a good supply of water to prevent dehydration which slows down the fat burning process. 

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