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photo of the dallas hemp company store
Shan and Adam on the Farm
Founders Shan Claudio & Adam Copeland in our family’s farm in Antonito, Colorado .

Our Beginnings

The genealogy of our Hemp products comes from seven generations of farming in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. “El Rancho Salazar” located in Antonito, Colorado has been known for growing some of the finest seed potato’s in Colorado. In 2019 our family decided to set aside a parcel of land to grow our first crop of Hemp. With a lot of sweat equity and the planting of 21,000 plants organically… our final product has gone to harvest and is ready for market. 

The Dallas Hemp Company is proud to say that the genealogy of our products can be traced directly to our family’s farm in Antonito, Colorado… “From our farm to you” is no slogan… its our promise of the finest Hemp derived products money can buy…and it comes “from our farm to you…

What our customers say

Our Products

Our hemp products can offer a safe and effective way to address a range of health and social-related issues.

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