How we see the world we choose to live in

How we see the world we choose to live in

World we choose to live in

The world we choose to live in is an essay about me. To illustrate I add, there is a Zen saying: “To a lover, a beautiful woman is a delight; to a monk, she is a distraction; to a mosquito, she is a meal.” As these words tell, the real difference now between some people and others is the filter through which we look at what we’re doing, what we expect to get from what we’re doing, and what we expect others to receive from what we are doing. We each live in two different worlds. The world we choose to live in and the world that is out there, in spite of what goes on around us.

World with issues as a young man

I had issues as a young man. I saw the world much differently then I do now. I had fallen into a pit and did not know how to extract myself thus painting myself a doom and gloom picture of the world around me. I am a different person now – not because things have changed, but because I have changed. I blew up my filters and made new ones. So here is my journey then and now.

A world filled with beauty and possibility

Where some see little hope, I see a world filled with beauty and possibility. Yet some see little to discover, I see an adventure on which I see how much more there is to discover (read our blog “La Cosa Nostra”). Still, others are discouraged, whereas I am encouraged and excited, awed by the abundance of opportunity. They get bored – I don’t know how to be bored. Where they mumble a resigned “Why me?” I scream “why NOT me?” And yet, they think in the next hour they will be in the same place still wandering aimlessly, while I believe, in the next hour, I will be in an entirely different place full of vitality…

In my world, I the force that makes it happen

Where they see lethargy and stagnation, I see shimmering kinetic energy, nuances of movement and change and I the force that makes it happen. Where they find excuses, I find a way. They do not see a lot in their lot – I see a priceless treasure that I have been given to live, to experience, and to share. Some are in a fog of quiet despair and frustration – maybe even anger because things are not working out as they planned. I have learned to live what Longfellow called, “a heart for any fate”. They are waiting for someone or something to keep their flame from flickering. I believe I have the potential to be an instrument of the highest good for each person and to be a literal miracle worker…

It was I that chose the world to live in

I now must confess that that other person I was talking about, that “they or some” was me! It was I that lived that life full of doom and gloom. I needed something to hold on to, I needed a purpose. I sought inspiration in my family, in my babies, my true friends and thus driven, I created a business. I recommitted, I set goals and pushed ahead and the company I created is a tool of change… and I challenge you to reach within, to dream again and do it if only to save yourself. Remember that it is the collective “we” that determines “the world we choose to live in.”

To those I love…

[I write this post to reach out to certain people in my life that are still stuck where I was and hoping that they can see that if they would just step up and out from where they are… they will discover the other life that is there for them to live.]

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