Which CBD Product Should I buy

Which CBD Product Should I Buy?

“Which CBD product should I buy?”

The purpose of this blog is to help answer the question of “which CBD product should I buy? We hope this simple explanation will help you select the best products for your needs. It is not a lecture on how CBD works. Please, also understand that in this article are statements that have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment.

Two forms of the Hemp Oil Extract.

CBD products are basically made from two forms of the Hemp Oil Extract. One form is an oil called a distillate. The other a crystalline powder called an Isolate. The difference between these two forms of CBD is that the powder or Isolate is 99% pure CBD. All compounds of the Hemp plant are removed leaving only the cannabidiol (CBD) compound. Conversely the CBD oil Distillate has many of the 483 compounds identified that are unique to cannabis oil. Additionally we also find some 60 cannabinoids and terpenes, with about 140 members forming the most abundant class.

Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum oils.

Distillates are further broken down into Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum oils. The Full Spectrum oils contain a full cannabinoid profile of the Hemp Plant to include the psychoactive compound “THC”. Broad Spectrum Oils contain the same compounds as the Full Spectrum Oils but does not contain the THC psychoactive compound. If your job requires routine drug test as a condition of employment then products made with the CBD Isolate or the Broad Spectrum oils are for you.  CBD oils are typically taken underneath the tongue (sublingual) or mixed in a beverage prior to use.


Our CBD Oil products are typically packaged into a 1/2 oz/15 ml or 1oz/30ml sized calibrated dropper bottle. Its important to note that CBD is dose (%) dependent and should provide anywhere from 16.6 mg/ml per dropper to 83.3 mg/ml.  Formulation will depend on the CBD strength you desire. The industry average for a typical adult is 20 mg/ml and is a good starting place for a first time user. This average is merely a recommendation.


Most manufacturers post the “strength per bottle content” on their labels and should read something like: 16.6 mg/ml of CBD per serving multiplied by the number of servings such as 30 mg in a bottle will equal 16.6 X 30 = 498mg or 500 mg CBD strength per bottle. So to calculate how much CBD there is in your product merely divide the CBD mg into the milliliter size of the bottle. This is also true in Capsules. Example 750 mg /30 ml bottle = 25 mg/ml. To ensure the strength and purity of our products we use our 3rd party lab Analytics 360. 

Terp X Tinctures

Dallas Hemp Company also offers Full Spectrum extracts of CBD called Terp X containing trace elements of the other cannabinoids and terpenes. These tinctures have been found to be far more beneficial than other CBD oils without the Terpenes and terpenoids. Here is a list of our Terpene infused products known as Terp X and the area of focus for each product:

To recap…

If you need the benefits of .3% THC? Select our Full Spectrum Oils and/or our Terp X products. If you need the same therapeutic properties but without the psychoactive compound of THC, select from our Broad Spectrum oils or our CBD isolate capsules. We sincerely hope that this information has helped you in product selection and understanding. It’s important to us that you make the right choices when it comes to your CBD needs. You can always contact us with your questions.

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