Planning your evacuation plan

Virus Pandemic – An Evacuation Plan, Armageddon-like Or A Good Idea?

Why An Evacuation Plan?

Is having an Evacuation Plan armageddon-like or good idea? Let’s examine, the events that transpired just this week tell us that things are not exactly as we hoped for, regarding this massive global economic disruption caused by the Corona Virus. If Your first instinct might be to flee to somewhere safe, I’d say that’s a pretty good instinct. The question is “are you prepared?”

Are You Prepared?

If you answered “NO” to the question “are you prepared” them read on. Start thinking about a plan to get you and your immediate family to a safe place of your choice. Surely at some time or another in your adult life you must have thought of a place where you would escape to should the fabric of society fall apart. I would suggest to you that the time for that planning is now;

What’s In Your Plan?

Your plan should be simple. It should consider a communications plan for notifying others traveling with you. Along with a communications plan, you must prepare a loading plan for your essentials. Use a checklist so that nothing is forgotten. Include who will travel, where will they sit and what job function they will perform as you travel. How many vehicles will you need? Be thorough in your planning and as detailed as possible.

What To Take If You Have To Go?

The basic necessities are water, food, medicine, extra fuel, important documents, ammunition, paper maps (no GPS signals). batteries for your portable radio and flashlights. The list is long but make sure you make one and check it off. Just as important is where will these items be stored? How readily available are they as you travel? Who is in charge of what? Make sure your plan covers these basic questions as they are cricial to your survival.

What else?

Do you own a gun? No? Get one. You might have to defend yourself or others in your group. Be aware that there will be those that will want to steal your supplies or your vehicles. Do not take chances. Stay vigilant and work your security plan. Consider actions at fuel stops, bathroom breaks, rest stops and so forth. Consider that if societal rules have collapsed, then it is safe to assume that law enforcement may not be readily available. It will then be up to you to provide safety for your team.

Getting To Your Destination

Plan two routes, a primary and a secondary route. Route planning is essential in the event that you have to deviate. Plan them out on your paper maps avoiding major cities and major traffic intersections. Make sure there are plenty of gas stations along your route even though you are carrying extra fuel. Buy fuel when you can and preserve your reserves. They may have to last you longer than you think.


Remember to let your family and friends know where you are going. Keep in touch for as long as you are able. It’s best to have someone waiting for you than not. However, be prepared to be isolated for long periods of time depending on the situation. Evacuation is a tough decision made under the worst of conditions, but a necessary decision.

Final Thought

This blog is not an all-encompassing lesson on evacuation planning nor is it meant to be. It is instead a tool designed to get you thinking about a doomsday scenario and the preparations needed in a survival situation. Consequently, how and what your plan should look like is up to you. Be safe… and do not procrastinate.

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