Measure of success

The measure of success

What is the measure of success for you?

Webster defines the measure of success as favorable or desired outcome”. Others may have a different view of what the measure of success is for them. I know that my measure of success is the fact that I am doing what I love to do and love what I am doing. By that measure, I have discovered the hard way, that wanting our Dallas Hemp Company business, our eCommerce website and our social media presence to be perfect is not a healthy quest.

Perfection is self abuse

This reach for perfection is one of the worst forms of self-abuse possible. It’s a form of substance abuse that abuses the substance of our own existence so that we are in motion without movement or direction without a destination. This existence is nothing more than a sclerosis that hardens the mind, our attitude and our spirit. If we are to be successful we must learn to temper our total expectations and re-define what success is to us.


Reflecting back to just a few months ago, I feel we have grown as a team and individually, from problems and challenges that we’ve faced. Early on, we knew problems and challenges would present themselves, announced or unannounced and not perfectly packaged for us to solve. As we grew, we began seeing each situation as an opportunity to think, to lead or be lead, to calculate risk or rewards and weigh outcomes for a collective decision on a solution. As the team matured, the solutions to problems became easier.

Call to action

For our team to reach the plateau of maturity, it required a call to action. This call to action as a leader is a humbling experience, as it requires us to set our egos aside, consider that we each have gaps in our bank of experiences and for us to listen enthusiastically to each other and others.

It is in listening that we expand our horizons

It is in listening that we expand our horizons and build upon our knowledge base much more than when we are the noisemakers. It is precisely at that moment of active listening that we realize that our team, though not perfect, each has an intrinsic value to contribute to the measure of our success.

Redefining who and what we are

I truly believe that we are making great strides in redefining who and what we are as the leadership team of Dallas Hemp Company. The good news is that we are now standing sure footed to take on these challenges, receptive to growing individually and as a team. We find that as we grow as a team, our company grows as a business and the synergy of the two redefines the measure of success for us.

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