Tincture family of products

How to select the best solution

For mild aches and pains –  CBD Isolate Tinctures
For more chronic conditionsBroad Spectrum without THC 
For severe conditionsFull Spectrum Tinctures with THC 
For  special ConditionsTerp X  Blends
For Doctor prescribed solutions –  CBG Blends
CBD Isolate Drops
CBD Isolate

For everyday Aches and Pains.

Available in several flavors: Cherry Vanilla                                        Peppermint                                    Orange                                              Créme de Mente

Broad Spectrum Tincture by Dallas Hemp Company
Broad Spectrum CBD

For More Chronic Conditions

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is infused with all the benefits of the Hemp Plant without the psychoactive THC compound. 

Full Spectrum Tinctures by Dallas Hemp Company
Full Spectrum CBD

For Severe Conditions

Full Spectrum CBD Oil is infused with all the benefits of the Hemp Plant including the psychoactive THC compound at legal limits of <.3%. 

Terp X Series of CBD
Terp X Infused CBD Oil

Special Conditions Oil

Terp X – Inflammation, Energy and Focus Terp X2 – Pain and Fungus                  Terp X3 – Anxiety                                Terp X4 – Anxiety and Calmness          Terp X5 – Sleep Support with Melatonin


CBG Tinctures 15ml
CBD/CBG Blended Oil

Doctors Prescribed Blends

Normally your doctor may prescribe CBD/CBG blends to help with Cancer and other diseases. These blends are specially formulated for you.

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