Inheal Disposable Vape Pen


Our disposables are high-tech, stylish, discreet, and easy to carry. Vape Pens contain 1 gram of Premium novel live resin cannabinoid (Delta 8, THCP, THC O, or HHC) and blend terpenes with distillate delivering apex relaxation.

Inheal disposables come in a delicious variety of exotic flavors including Cheetah Piss, Sunset Mintz, Gummies, and many more.

The live resin concentrate within is sourced from the most unique strains and manufacturing is limited to small specialized batches.

Designed in pristine pure matte white, Inheal disposables deliver relaxation and comfort and are easily re-chargeable to be enjoyed again and again.


Root Beer, Shariza, Cereal Milk, Rainbow Sherbert, Red Velvet, Sunset Mints, Magic Runtz


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