Never lose hope, there is always tomorrow

In Spite Of This Pandemic, There Is Tomorrow…

Dangerous and Uncertain Times?

There is always tomorrow. Turn on a TV or grab a newspaper or just take a look out your window, it isn’t a pretty sight. Where we used to see streets and highways full of traffic and people going about their business, now all you see are “Zombie” like people whose faces look like impending death.

The News

On the news we see unshakeable economic powerhouses come crashing to their knees. Meanwhile, your queazy stomach is made worst by public bathrooms that are closed and were they open, the shortage of toilet paper would make the problem worst. What are we to do?

Isolation makes us feel alone…

Most of us spend a great deal of time physically and emotionally isolated unless you are one of those essential employees that have somewhat of social life. If we listen to the doomsayers, they will tell us that that is only half of it. They say these are our darkest days, and that the future looks bleaker than ever, they rob us of our tomorrow. They tell us over and over again that “Its the end of the world” they shout, “it’s over”.

How Interesting

What I find interesting is that these very doomsayers keep going to work, saving money in the bank, investing in stocks and bonds, buying up properties and planning for a better tomorrow. What do they know that we don’t about our tomorrow? What business are they in to steal away our tomorrow?

Beauty and Hope...

There too are a million special moments that can chase the shadows from your face in an instant and will cost you nothing but a few spare minutes. Although it may not be in your mind right now, the wisdom you glean from your joys and hardships can always be shared with someone else and by doing so, you will leave their tomorrow a little brighter than when you found it.

Trevor Grieve, Bradley

You will find that there is always beauty and hope in even the most awful of circumstances. Imagine, you a messenger of hope…

Life is hard even without this pandemic

In today’s pandemic environment, life is still more preferable than the alternative. The truth is that sometimes life is so damn hard it gives you a cramp in your brain just thinking about what you have to do to make it through another twenty-four hours. So it’s no surprise that when we think about our tomorrow, a lot of people feel anxious, somewhat depressed, and generally confused and alarmed. Consider that even in the best of times there will never be a shortage of bemoaners and naysayers. However, it is always fascinating to see how different people react during times of genuine uncertainty.

The Sky is Falling…

There are those who completely flip out at the very first rumor of trouble and start screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. But when you press them for evidence to explain their panic, they admit they have nothing better to back up their position than what “a little bird told them”. Somehow it never occurs to them to wonder how credible the little bird’s source was in the first place.

The Most Frightened of all

Then there are those people who put on a big show about how they are not concerned in the least and know exactly what to do about everything. But when they are alone at night and the lights go out… they may well be the most frightened of all. There is too a third group of people that believe that tomorrow is a horrible place regardless of what you say or show them. They will eventually become as hard, ugly and cruel as the tomorrow they have imagined.

Emotional Bunkers

and finally, there are people who just want to dig an emotional bunker and jump inside. They think if they put up enough walls, they’ll always be safe. The irony is that instead of locking others out, they are actually locking themselves in. They may avoid a few things that make life difficult, but in the end, they miss out on all the wonderful things that make life worth living and our tomorrow a brighter place.

Here is the alternative…

A far more reasonable approach is simply to put on the bravest smile you have. Take good care of yourself. Admit that there are things you don’t know and can’t control. It is much more productive and far healthier to just sit back and enjoy the absurdity of the moment. Instead of getting all worked up about the truly disgusting intentions of others who stalk the earth, whether virus or man. In this sense is it fair to say that the world is a mirror. Therefore you have a lot more control over your tomorrow than you might think. And the only thing in this world that should be able to keep you down is gravity.

A Gift Waiting For You

In the meantime, I suggest you keep your chin up, put your walking shoes on, and follow your heart to the ends of the world. As you make this journey, always remember that each day is a precious gift. If you can enjoy it for what it is and make the most of it, then, believe it or not, there is another extraordinary gift waiting for you… tomorrow.

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