Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi, death of an icon

Charlotte Figi

This is the story of Charlotte Figi and the death of an icon. As America prospered with its material wealth, its economic base booming and the counter-cultural warriors of the 1960s now matured and in places of control in our government, We are presented with Charlotte Figi. Amidst this period of economic prosperity, a young girl is placed as if by fate with a simple message of change. Because of her medical condition, she provides us with an opportunity to examine our views on Marijuana laws as human folly. This is Charlotte Figi’s story of the death of an icon.

Charlotte Figi, Messinger

The death of an icon in any movement is a tragic event but Charlotte Figi’s courageous presence will always be felt. Some people are put on this earth to be doers, others as messengers. I believe that Charlotte Fig’s short stay on earth was to deliver a message and once that was done, she was called home. Her message was that medical marijuana’s time has come and it’s time to legalize it. Her medical condition would only respond to her intake of CBD and as such, she brought worldwide attention to the issue. Do not let the death of an icon happen in vain.

A Spark Was Needed

Dynamite packed with explosive energy will sit idly until a spark happens that releases unbound energy capable of moving mountains. The spark needed to ignite a long-awaited movement came in the form of Charlotte’s parents believing that Medical Marijuana could offer a solution to their little daughter’s condition and approached a Medical Marijuana clinic in Denver to get it done. The Stanley Brothers, owners of the business, got busy formulating a blend of Cannabis that worked for Charlotte and in her honor, named it “Charlotte’s web”.

Her Early Years

Charlotte Figi seemed to be one happy, healthy baby girl when she was born, in October 2006, but destiny had something else in store for her. After only three months since coming into the world, she started having seizures, and they only got worse over the following months got to the point she was enduring 30 minutes to 4 hours long episodes of intense spasm.

Her Condition Worsens

Within two years her cognitive capacity was visibly declining. By the time she turned three years old the consequences were so severe that she had lost her abilities to eat, walk or talk. During this time her tiny heart stopped several times due to the high intensity of the seizures, and at one point doctors decided it is time to put her into an induced coma so her body will have a chance to rest for a while. All these, eventually, led the specialists to the conclusion she was suffering from Dravet Syndrome, one of the most severe forms of epilepsy.

Her Struggles

When seizures first started to appear the parents rushed Charlotte to the hospital, where the doctor’s performed many different tests which all came back normal, so eventually they sent the child back home. It wasn’t long until these episodes became a common occurrence, yet the doctors remained oblivious to the cause. After many months of guessing and suppositions, one of the doctors came with the Dravet Syndrome diagnosis, also known as myoclonic epilepsy of infancy.

A Diagnosis Is Identified

The doctors were still puzzled because Charlotte seemed to be otherwise healthy and normal.  As the seizures became stronger, the prescription drugs recommended by the doctors were becoming less effective so her cognitive abilities started to degrade rapidly. After two and a half years of trying, the parents decided to take Charlotte to the Children’s Hospital in Colorado where she was tested and diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome.

The Creation of Charlotte’s Web

With the doctor’s support, the Figi family reached out to the Stanley Brothers, who represents one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. At the time they met Charlotte’s parents they were working on a special crossbreed of marijuana which contains high levels of CBD and almost no trace of THC. The brothers were so impressed with the little girl’s story that they decided to formulate a special strain of marijuana which they named Charlotte’s Web.

A Partial Return To Normalcy

Not knowing what to expect, both Matt and Paige started administrating their daughter small amounts of CBD oil. The results mesmerized everyone as the cannabis oil managed to reduce so much Charlotte’s seizures that they stopped for an entire week. Even her brain started to make connections again after so many years. Her seizures were reduced to almost three times each month and mostly during her sleep. Her dream came true. She had returned to the life of a normal happy and active girl. She could walk and even ride a bike.

Death Of An Icon, Her Passing

At the tender age of 13, Charlotte and her family fell ill. They were seen at their local hospital and sent home to quarantine. According to her family, she had been exhibiting viral symptoms and was being treated on the same floor as COVID-19 patients. While tests for the coronavirus came back negative, she was being treated as a likely COVID-19 case. Figi suffered a seizure and subsequent cardiac arrest. Charlotte passed away on April 7, 2020. The CBD movement suffered the death of an icon.

She Was Divine

“She was divine,” the Stanley Brothers, creators of Charlotte’s Web strain, wrote on their website. “She grew, cultivated by a community, protected by love, demanding that the world witness her suffering so that they might find a solution. She rose every day, awakening others with her courage, and with that smile that infected your spirit at the cellular level.”

And from the Children’s fable, we can add “…Year after year new spiders are born to replace the old ones, but no one will ever replace Charlotte in Wilbur’s heart.” E.B. Williams

To suffer the death of an icon is the worst that can happen to a group or a movement. An icon is unique and cannot be copied or repeated. Furthermore, the plight of this young lady tugged at the heartstrings of friend and foe alike. There will never be another like Charlotte Figi.

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