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CBD: The New Cannabis Craze

Adapt quicker than a chameleon on espresso

CBD, the new cannabis craze, has taken this country by storm. This new product has a lot of people wondering what this craze is about. Those of us that grew up in the sixties still have fond memories of the, back then, “new craze of Mary Jane,” the “In Thing,” of crystal blue persuasion, magic carpet rides, and Alice’s restaurant. We are now facing a new “In Thing” this revolution called “CBD”.

The New “In Thing”

Today, a derivative of the old cannabis plant is changing the way we look at cannabis and the stigma that it still brings. CBD has stirred a movement that is changing cannabis mindsets quicker than a chameleon on espresso. State capitals are paying attention, consumers and entrepreneurs are investing time and money to figure it out. I love that cannabis is finally being recognized for its benefits to mankind. Medical research, though partly in its infancy as it relates to the cannabis plants, is on the rise.

Still the issue of legality

Though cannabis is still illegal in some states, State legislatures are opening up to the narrative about the benefits of cannabis and CBD. But still lurking in the shadows is our nemesis singing “one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small, but the pills that mother gives you, don’t do nothing at all…”. Yep, you guessed it… big Pharma and their lust for buying politicians and converting opioids into big dollars. Things are changing for the better… CBD, the new cannabis craze, is the new “In Thing” and it’s on the move.

To the speedy and fast adapters goes the spoils

Since 2018, many businesses rose up to grow Hemp and take advantage of the CBD craze. Technology has us moving forward so fast that we no longer have time to be as thorough as we did in the slow-moving world of yesterday. As the saying goes, to the speedy and adapters goes the spoils. Our motto at the Dallas Hemp Company says “we are not waiting for all the lights to turn green before we leave the house.” Recognizing that the longer it takes us to make a decision, the less likely that it will be a good one. And so at the crack of dawn, we hit the road running to get our business done…

Who has time for a slow adjustment?

In this new world we live in, “nice and neat is out.” We operate with a strong sense of urgency. Acceleration might mean your product has rough edges. Case in point, we needed to get our CBD products to market but our label designs were not ready. Do we miss the opportunity window or do we adapt? We adapted, stopped the discussions and took action. Perfect? No, but our products hit the market on time with proper labels. The urgency was driven by the completion of our eCommerce site and social media. These markets were not waiting around for us to decide on labels. eCommerce sales are volatile and do not wait around for us. If we are not ready, they go to the competition.

A revolution

It is said that a revolution throws people into three categories: those who lead, the ones who follow and others who sleep through it. We at the Dallas Hemp Company are leading. We got our products from the farm to formulation, to packaging and posted to our sales channels in record time. We will not follow, nor be caught napping. We are adapting, the key to survival demands it.

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