CBD “La Cosa Nostra” chasing the dream

This story is about how CBD “La Cosa Nostra” became our Dallas Hemp Company. CBD is definitely “La Cosa nostra” or our thing. At the Dallas Hemp Company, we believe that our story, is worthy of being told, and so, I am telling it!

The beginnings

It all began almost two years ago at my cousin’s wedding, in Antonito, Colorado. We were all sitting around, drinking adult beverages, talking, and telling stories of back when, kind of like all families do at weddings. My senses half dulled by the rapid accumulation of a Corona or two, (or maybe three) had already started to take a peculiar effect on me. Through the fog of sobriety and lala land, I was astonished to find that the family was planning to grow Hemp on our family’s farm. “What? Wait, wait… what?” was the only coherent contribution to the conversation I could muster.

A desperate call to action

Not wanting to miss out on this interesting conversation, I made a desperate call to action to my mental sanity squad. I implored that they expunge the effects of the adult beverages from my body and clear my brain immediately. As I needed to better focus on the conversation at hand… a task not easily done in my present state.

What if I started a business

It was then that through the fog of recovery from the effects of the “Coronas” that an idea came to mind. What if I started a business that would close the loop from growing and farming to producing and marketing Hemp-derived products to a large metropolitan market like Dallas, TX. So the mental gears started rolling to kick start this idea and it was then that the birth of the Dallas Hemp Company came about. A sobering reality was about to take place.

Fire up our creative juices

I already had a business partner from my other business, “THE Staffing Company” and so it took little persuasion to fire up our creative juices and begin the planning process. Did I mention that we knew nothing about farming or manufacturing? That little problem was easily resolved by pooling our collective brains and recruiting our present CFO, a long time business manager, and manufacturing expert. We assigned him the prestigious role of skills-set gap filler (a title we made up in the desperation of the moment). With this addition, the leadership team was complete and La Cosa Nostra became “Dallas Hemp Company.”

The work was exhausting

“La Cosa Nostra” is our Dallas Hemp Company and it’s focus became the conversion of Hemp-derived raw products into marketable CBD Creams, lotions, Tinctures, edibles and Pet treats. The work was exhausting as we had to organically identify a niche, formulate products, create labels, select packaging, partner with quality 3rd party labs to process our products, generate processes and procedures and ensured the quality richness of our products. We relied on our “gap filler” in the person of our CFO to handle most of these roles.

Startup hurdles,

Once we surpassed our startup hurdles, we turned our attention to the marketing side of the business, we focused like a laser beam on social media and our Internet sales channels. We created a website and suffered through the complexity of that little venture. After a year in the making, we started to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. “La Cosa Nostra” was bearing fruit. Today we are enjoying the fruits of our labor as we bring our products to market, the result of sweat equity we invested in, back when La Cosa Nostra, “Dallas Hemp Company,” our thing, was only a pipe dream.

Born a viable business venture

And so, from a wild hair idea sipping on adult beverages at a cousin’s wedding, overlooking the beautiful family farmland in Antonito, Colorado, was born a viable business venture in Dallas, Texas… an exhausting trip well worth every sleepless night… La Cosa Nostra became our Dallas Hemp Company and now the real work begins – keeping the dream alive.

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