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Genesis of our hemp products. Founders Shan Claudio & Adam Copeland  in our family’s farm in Antonito, Colorado .

The Genealogy of our products…

The genealogy of our Hemp products comes from seven generations of farming in the San Luis Valley in Colorado. “El Rancho Salazar” located in Antonito, Colorado has been known for growing some of the finest seed potato’s in Colorado. In 2019 our family decided to set aside a parcel of land to grow our first crop of Hemp. With a lot of sweat equity and the planting of 21,000 plants organically… our final product has gone to harvest and is ready for market. The Dallas Hemp Company is proud to say that the genealogy of our products can be traced directly to our family’s farm in Antonito, Colorado… “From our farm to you” is no slogan… its our promise of the finest Hemp derived products money can buy…and it comes “from our farm to you…”

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We are committed to the Stewardship of our planet…


At Dallas Hemp Company, it is our purpose to pay close attention to our role as stewards of our planet and to be good corporate citizens. This role guides our actions and direction as entrepreneurs and mandates that we aim to maintain the highest standard of stewardship and corporate governance possible. 

How we go about our business, engage with our employees, customers and our community, design products, select materials, a make our offerings must follow the role that we have selected for ourselves. Each of these actions must follow and reflect on our belief that we do no harm to that which we endear as good citizens and stewards of the planet.

Good citizenship we define as our total impact on society and the environment. That means that citizenship includes ethical business practices, safe work places and products, treating our employees with respect, protecting the environment and providing positive measurable improvements in our communities.  

Citizenship also means sustaining economic pursuits, a want and a need for growth. Economic vitality and the employment it supports are important to the well being of individuals and society. We do not provide other benefits of good corporate citizenship if we are not viable as a business or if our people lack meaningful work. Furthermore, we are in the vital business of wellness, an important necessity of life. We feel we can make other people’s lives better by running our business well. 

As we conduct our business, we know that others will place increasingly value judgement about us, we know and understand that our customers will examine our business practices, our employees’ want to work for a principled organization and our neighbors expect us to respect the environment and improve our shared communities. Dallas Hemp Company is bound by a promise to strive to be a leader in the stewardship of our planet and corporate citizenship. We promise…  

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